About us

Salvador & Filhos, Lda - Confecções Bordados e Obras Têxteis Lar has been operating in the market for 44 years and is headquartered in Vilar Seco - Nelas.

Since it has been in the market, it has adopted a strategy grounded on the quality of the articles it manufactures, as well as on customer satisfaction. This fact has distinguished it throughout all these years.

Insofar as sales, the company focuses on home textiles, embroidery, acrylic trophies and embroidery files. It covers the domestic, as well as the international market.

For more information on Salvador & Filhos, read the interview granted by the company’s founder - Mr Álvaro Salvador.

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Our Values

Professionalism, quality and creativity are the main characteristics of the savior & children. The satisfaction of our clients over the last 35 years has contributed to our growth and has provided us with the necessary knowledge to serve it in a unique way.

The passion and dedication for our work convey what we do best: serve the customer with quality.

We share a project in common with our clients: the commitment to success